Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Acharya

An infinite journey from darkness to light

In 1997 I found myself in a seminar where I practiced my first meditations and glimpsed at something unknown that freed me from an ancient sense of guilt. It was clear I had to look for something and began to explore reality beyond appearances. 

I had heard Babaji's name as a teenager, from a local sadhu friend who told me a story of an encounter he had with Babaji in the mountains in North India. 
In 2003 Yoga stopped me on a street, literally, so I started practicing Hatha Yoga and learning about Raja Yoga. In 2008 some seemingly random events brought  me to Babaji's Kriya Yoga and the little I knew about yoga made sense, with a new and broader perspective. Something made me feel home. 

I found myself studying and teaching Yoga for 10 years, distributing a brand of Rudraksha malas, supporting Acharya Arjuna for over a decade of initiation seminars, translating some books on Kriya Yoga and organizing distribution of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Publications, even changing home, always realising only afterwards how it all was connected to visions in meditation, to the creative power we can tap in.

One of the the many treasures I have found in Kriya Yoga is a degree of detachment. I accept joy and sorrow equally, knowing they come and go. I see the space where things get shaped by themselves, I try to follow the signs, to be available without interfering and to allow a greater Will to drive the play of life.