Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Acharya

Niranjana discovered Babaji’s Kriya Yoga in 2004, at the age of 21, during an initiation with Satchidananda.

This meeting was decisive for the course of her life, and the practice of yogic sadhana immediately became the central axis of it.

During the past 17 years, she made multiple trips, and had the chance to study with several Acharyas of this lineage in different countries. She has been teaching Kriya Hatha Yoga since 2011 and collaborates with kriyabans around various projects related to Kriya Yoga. She is eternally grateful to these teachers, for their trust and their teachings.

She works as a contemporary art teacher and travels regularly as part of initiatives related to Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.

The encounter with this authentic lineage is undoubtedly the most precious gift of this life.