Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Acharya

Jamie Bright (Krishna) was born in 1981, in New York City to parents who followed the yogic spiritual path lead by one of the many Indian gurus who arrived in the 1970’s in America.

It is not surprising, growing up in a household imbedded with that knowledge and practice, that he learned to meditate at the age of nine. Throughout his youth and adult life, he has used the practices of yoga, pranayama, asana, and meditation for support and stability.

Jamie is a trained musician who received a Degree in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music. After college, he traveled extensively through America and Europe, lead by his creativity and love of music, but found his peace in the shakti of the mountains of Vermont, USA. He decided to settle in Vermont amidst the beauty of the open-minded and spiritually conscious communities, he found there.

Following their wedding, Jamie and his wife Adena , a yogini and Ayurvedic practitioner, honeymooned in India. There, their devotion to Yoga was deeply kindled. And, it was there, in the Mother country of Yoga that Jamie discovered the path of Kriya Yoga and Babaji. Jamie followed his June 2013 Initiation into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga at the Quebec Ashram by performing Karma Yoga, in silence for 30 days. A pledge to surrender his own ego’s desires to Thy Will, has led Jamie, now, Krishna on a path to love and serve all. He has been dedicated many years to self-study and transformation through devotion to Babaji and the Truth. He seeks to fulfill his dharma and share these teachings with others, who seek to evolve in mind, body and consciousness and for the benefit and upliftment of all life.