Annapurna Ma

Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Acharya

Annapurna Ma, (Marcia Micheli, of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

It was in 1995 through a dream that I first became aware of Kriya Babaji in my life. The dream was both beautiful and specific and I was shown my strengths and weaknesses. At that time I began to experience periods of purification and releases from strong attachments. Three years later, I received the first and the second initiations from Satchidananda in Brazil. The Kriya techniques felt familiar, like coming home. At the end of the first initiation Satchidananda asked me if I would give classes of the 18 Kriya Hatha Yoga Asana. Ever since, I’ve been doing so, as a source of joy.

Babaji’s Kriya Yoga has given me access to my deepest nature and Babaji’s energy has supported me during all the years I dedicated to guiding and attending to the three lives, which I had the honor to carry in my womb and watch grow.

In 2010, I received from Satchidanda the third initiation and, in 2012, I attended the Kriya Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, in Canada, with Durga and Satchidananda. It was in 2014, while on a group pilgrimage in India that Satchidananda surprised me by inviting me to become an Acharya. The flow of Babaji’s love in all aspects of my life brought me to accept.

It seems that Babaji has influenced me in all the significant choices I have taken in my life. I know that becoming a member of the Acharya’s Order is another significant beginning. I begin with the joy of a child in front of the immensity of life.

I am deeply grateful to my professors Satchidanda and Durga for their love guidance and for being a constant source of inspiration; I thank my family and friends who have always motivated me.

I hope and pray that I am able to live my life as an expression of service to Babaji and Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.

Jai Babaji!